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Updated: Jan 8, 2022

"Anything whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions" Dictionary .com


My mala beads are one of my go to talisman's when I am out of practice with the things I know support my wellbeing. The intention I have ascribed to these beads is faith. They remind me that everytime I have felt hopeless and unmotivated to make the necessary changes, I was able to pull myself from the depths of my despair long enough to take just one step forward. And then another, and another step. I only wear them when I am actively working towards a functional practiced way of being that requires faith. Along with faith I am currently working on my practice of timeliness in an effort to reduce my overall anxiety thus, the analog watch has been added to my tangible reminders of intention.


If you have something you are wanting to work at but just can't seem to follow through, a talisman can be extremely helpful. Choose something that you do not wear regularly and that does not already have intense meaning, something that will draw your attention regularly throughout the day. I like things on the wrists or fingers because they are so visible. Once you have decided on the piece, sit down and assign it a one word intention or very, very short mantra/prayer. Place it in your hands and look at it as you recite the intention for 5-10 minutes. Put it on and begin. If you ever fall away from the practice, take it off. When you are ready to begin practicing again, put it back on.

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